Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moka Cake


The demonstration last Saturday was on Moka cake. The cake itself is quite simple - a genoise sponge soaked with coffee syrup and topped with coffee buttercream. The interesting aspect was in decorating the cake, both in getting a perfect mirror-smooth finish on top, and in pipping the buttercream decorations. Of course, hand-whipping the eggs in the cake batter and the beating the butter into the buttercream took plenty of elbow grease, but we're used to hard work by now. 

Here are the cakes the chef prepared for the demonstration:  

This was my favorite one, I'm a fan of whimsical design (if you couldn't tell by the cover picture already...).

The practical session on Monday morning turned out to be more fun than I expected. I added loads of coffee extract to my buttercream to make it taste like something other than sugar. My cake turned out to be quite a few shades darker than most other people's cakes, but I quite liked the look. Also, learning my lesson from the praline dacquoise, I was careful to keep my buttercream at the right temperature before pipping it out. I was quite proud of my design (any irregularities in the pipping is for the sake of whimsy and purely by design, yeah.)


At the end of the practical session, the chef made us line all our cakes up in a row so he could grade them. It was awesome seeing everyone's unique designs for their cakes. 

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