Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post-Wisdom Teeth Celebration, a Photographic Essay

Okay, this should really be called "stuff face with Kathy and Colin". If you're sensitive to food pornography, please turn away now.

We went to Huong Binh last weekend for what was to me authentic and outrageously tasty Vietnamese food. It happened to be the first time I ate real, proper food in a week. All I remember from the meal, really, is a feeling of supreme contentment. ("All this food! I can eat it all! Everything's so delicious! Oooh duck!")

To illustrate the ridiculous nature of the meal, we started with dessert - glasses of sweet coconut milk full of goodies like jack fruit, tapioca, and agar jelly.

Then the duck arrived.

And the bahn beo.

And some sort of mushroom-filled rice noodle roll with fried shrimp and mung bean cakes and fried pieces of pork-shrimp paste ham.

And grilled pork/shrimp/meatball vermicelli.

Pretty soon, the table looked like this. I was in my happy place.

We left no prisoners.


  1. AWESOME way to celebrates post-wisdom teeth removal :)

  2. Now that's what I call a celebration! Congrats on your wisdom teeth getting removed by the dentist. After your mouth is healed, food like that are fireworks during a holiday. Have fun, and bon appetit!

    -Katia Craig